Fall Brush Exhibition with Irene Christensen in NYC

The Eyes Have It! 42"x42"

The Eyes Have It! 42"x42"

The Pen & Brush presents an international group exhibition with Irene Christensen, curated by Margaret Kelly Trombly. The “2009 Fall Brush Exhibition” consists of works on canvas, paper, and mixed media. The show integrates contemporary and classic forms offering boundless manifestations of traditional media today.

Margaret Kelly Trombly is a Creative Arts Executive specializing in curatorial work, teaching and museum administration. A seasoned corporate manager, she has built credibility and an excellent reputation for her unique ability to blend creative and aesthetic taste with astute business acumen.

“Irene Christensen’s art is about painting as a magical act. Her images repeat and are transformed, as words and images in poems. She likes to maintain a sense of wonder in her art. That life is strange and quirky, and contradictory, that tragedy and comedy are not played out in separate theaters, but co-exist, side by side,” said art critic John Zeaman about Irene’s work.

Founded over 115 years ago, The Pen & Brush, Inc., is an international non-profit organization for women in the visual, literary and performing arts. Their rich history is a chronicle of persistence, passion, dedication, and a commitment to equal opportunity.  Some of the countless inspirational women in our number include Eleanor Roosevelt, Pearl S. Buck, Ida M. Tarbell and Jessie Tarbox Beals.

While honoring the ideals and contributions of the women from our vibrant past, The Pen and Brush serves as an open, diverse, global forum, and cultural resource for its members, non-member participants, the professional arts community, and the general public. The Pen & Brush’s exhibitions, competitions and programs are open to women artists internationally.

The exhibition will be on display from Sept. 24- Oct. 18. (Thurs. – Fri. 4-7 PM, Sat. – Sun. 1-5 PM.) Opening Reception: Thurs. Sept. 24, 4-7 PM at The Pen and Brush, Inc.16 East 10 Street, NYC.

Source: Norway.org

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