Extra scholarship demands for students with disabilities

Adrian Tollefsen (second from left) and the staff at Unge Funksjonshemmede (Young Disabled) in Oslo. Photo: www.ungfunk.no.

There are no additional economical support arrangements for students with disabilities in Norway. Disabled students are now demanding larger scholarships, smaller loans and year-round study support.

Students with disabilities in Sweden and Denmark are offered specific arrangements when it comes to economical support, but Norwegian students have to be content with regular study support from The Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund or rehabilitation from The Norwegian Labor and Welfare Administration (NAV). The latter is an arrangement usually provided to people in re-education programs.

“It’s embarrassing that there aren’t any better support arrangements for disabled students in Norway,” says Adrian Tollefsen, leader of the organization Young Disabled.

Studies abroad and holidays are problematic

Young Disabled recently published a report in which they have three demands that are to ensure better support arrangements to student with disabilities:

• Year-round study support with the same monthly rate as other students, since students with disabilities often find it difficult to get a part-time job or summer job.

• A monthly additional scholarship that is to be used to cover expenses related to the disability in question.

• Full scholarship finance for students who use longer time in completing their education, if the delay is caused by the functional reduction.

To read the whole story visit Universitas.

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