Easter tourists stays away from the ski lift

Photo: Jan Atle Solberg, Ålsheia Alpine

Photo: Jan Atle Solberg, Ålsheia Alpine

“It has not been a normal Easter. There is relatively little people here,” says Aanen Ådneram CEO of Ådneram Ski lift.

Not all Fidjeland boasts a visitor boom this year, although operations manager, Torbjørn Tjensvold describes Easter as “good enough”.

There is not many visits, but not that small,” he said.

How is it compared to last year?

It was not very much last year either, it’s pretty equal,” says Tjensvold to NRK.

“At Tjørhom Mountain Ski lift conditions have been good,” said the CEO, Ole Johan Tjørhom.

Why should there have been several people, we are a little disappointed,” he said.

Two days free

Ålsheia Alpine had Monday to Wednesday closed due to lack of snow. But Thursday they opened the track again, and all visitors received free lift out the season.

It has resulted in some 400 visitors on the lifts for two days,” says CEO, Jan Atle Solberg.

The press is to blame

Several of the ski lifts had bad weather to blame for the public is the absence.

While many believe that the negative media coverage the last time, also had a hand in the game.

You scare the people away. The conditions are better than the way it is portrayed,” said Tjørhom.

Easter Eve is the rescue

Common to all is that they rely on that tomorrow will save Easter.

It looks quite good. There are many people in the cabins, which they must find,” said Tjensvold.

He gets support from Tjørhom, which says it has been snowing heavily in the ground this afternoon.

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