The American Dream of Norway

Part 1: Karina Snare Daily Ingerid Jordal Odda, Norway Our ancestors came to America to give their families a better life. Now young Norwegian Americans dream of the old country. This series of interviews was conducted by a visiting Norwegian journalist. Karina Snare Daily’s grandfather built the house she now lives with her husband and two children in Edmonds, north of Seattle. He came from Svelvik, the grandmother from Odda, other grandmother from Lofoten and last grandfather from a small village called Snare in Kongsvinger near the Swedish border. “I took one of those DNA tests. It said: You are 100% Norwegian!” Karina
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Ingerid Jordal

Ingerid Jordal is a photojournalist based in western Norway, with a great passion for the deep north and stories of belonging. She is scared of flying, but not scared of driving backward on a highway in Seattle. Learn more at

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