DNV becomes member of International Gas Union

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The International Gas Union (IGU) has accepted DNV as a new member of its organisation. IGU represents 750 of the world’s gas experts and arranges the World Gas Conference every three years.

“IGU has today accepted DNV as a new member and the gas organisation now counts 110 members from 74 nations,” said Torstein Indrebø, the Secretary General of IGU on Oct. 10.

“This broad geographical representation mirrors IGU’s role as a mouthpiece for the world’s gas industry. It is a real pleasure that DNV as a great international player will be an active member of our organisation and we look forward to the cooperation and important knowledge and experience this body will bring to IGU. DNV’s competence will be important to many of our members, and hence to the future development of the global gas industry,” he emphasises.

“Gas will be an important part of the future energy mix. The environmental aspects of gas is superior to other fossil fuels and gas solutions can contribute to a more sustainable energy future. We at DNV want to play a key role in this energy future”, adds DNV COO Remi Eriksen.

DNV has been involved in the LNG industry since the 1960s. “Currently, we support more than one third of ongoing LNG projects and are classifying more than one fifth of the LNG carrier fleet on order. DNV provides great development technology and knowledge resources, and we combine this with our risk management competence,” says DNV’s LNG Segment Director, Hans Kristian Danielsen.

“Membership of IGU is strategically important to us, especially with regard to the exchange of knowledge, research and development work and, not least, our objective of safeguarding life, property and the environment,” concludes Danielsen.

StatoilHydro has served as the host for the IGU secretariat since 2007 and will continue to do so until the autumn of 2013. The next World Gas Conference will be arranged this week, on October 5, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It will be attended by more than 3,300 delegates and 270 exhibitors from the whole world.

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