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DnB NOR has joined a very exclusive group now that it has qualified for inclusion in the Dow Jones World Sustainability Index. “This is probably the highest recognition possible for the efforts made within corporate social responsibility throughout the Group for a number of years,” says Dag Arne Kristensen, head of External Relations in DnB NOR.

With effect from September 21, 2009, DnB NOR will be one of five Norwegian companies included in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI World). This means that DnB NOR is regarded as being among the top 10 per cent within its industry worldwide in terms of sustainability with respect to economic, environmental and social factors.

Extensive report

“Corporate social responsibility and environmental issues are important for DnB NOR. This proves that our operations are well within international standards in this field. For the last five years, our aim has been to reach a level which qualifies for inclusion in the index, and now we have succeeded,” says Kristensen.

A 58-page report with 66 enclosures forms the basis for inclusion in the index. More than 30 internal sources in DnB NOR have worked on providing the documentation. The application is based on a questionnaire with 94 questions. The three areas covered in the report are economic, environmental and social factors.

“We have shown strong progress in all areas, with particularly high scores for risk management, environmental reporting and the financial inclusion of groups that normally could face difficulties gaining access to financial services. Examples of this are our microfinance initiatives and the introduction of first-home loans,” say Hilde Røed and Kristin Voll in DnB NOR’s External Relations section.


Inclusion in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index is important, both for the Group’s reputation and in relation to investors and other financial market participants.

“The fact that we are among the top 10 per cent in our industry worldwide has a significant effect on our corporate image. We are one of 300 companies in the index, selected among a total of 2 500. Only five companies in Norway have met the requirements, and we are one of them. This is an index which is followed closely by investors and asset managers. For investors, it is a stamp of quality on our ethical and environmental performance,” concludes Kristensen.

Source: DnB NOR

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