Director of Public Health: Confidence in SAFH is weakened

Assistant Health Director Bjorn Guldvog. PHOTO: JAN PETTER LYNAU / VG

Assistant Health Director Bjorn Guldvog. PHOTO: JAN PETTER LYNAU / VG

To believe otherwise is naive, he says. The work of the authority office will now be reviewed after the two serious issues.

Friday it was announced that the administration chief of the Norwegian Registration Authority for Health (SAFH), Liv Loberg, resign her position with immediate effect after she admitted to have cheated on her CV.

I was familiar with this matter on Wednesday. She had talked to an employee in the department early in the morning, and asked them to convey the case further” said Deputy Health Director Bjorn Guldvog to

He’s acting health director while the current health Director, Bjørn-Inge Larsen, is on vacation.

Reviewer Loberg

He says that it constituted management SAFH, with the acting director Jørgen Holmboe in charge,now in the time to draw up a police review of Loberg.

“The review will include forgery and to have provided false information in an appointment process” said Guldvog.

Extends the time of SAFH

After it became known that the authorization office had given work approval to hundreds of foreign health care workers without the necessary qualifications, the Directorate of Health began an investigation of the business.

Authorization Office’s director Per Haugum has been granted a leave of absence for three months to assist the Directorate of Health in this review, while Jorgen Holmboe 8 June was appointed president.

The review we all are doing will be broader as a result of this case. We must look more closely at the subject areas Loberg has been involved in, but I am not aware that she has been involved in some simple applications. It is also natural to go deeper into other employment in the recent past, and we will also enter into dialogue with the consulting agency that was involved” said Guldvog.

Confidence is weakened

The two cases lead to weakened confidence in SAFH.

“It is naive to believe that the trust is not diminished. I hope that citizens and stakeholders in the health service still see that we have done much to clear up this” he said.

He is even very disappointed.

“It is almost unbelievable that this could be done by an office that has as its main task to ensure that those who come to Norway are authorized health professionals” said Gullvåg.

Source: Aftenposten

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