Did you call them today? April fools joke hits the Royal Palace

April fools joke involves the Royal Family

April fools joke involves the Royal Family

People are tricked to call the castle and ask for Harald and Haakon.

Messages like “Hi. Must talk to you, it is urgent, but you are running out of power on your mobile, you can call 22048700 and say you are to talk with Håkon? He knows who I am.” is currently being sent to countless people in Norway.

Must speak with the Prince

Number is to the Royal Palace in Oslo, and the joke is by no means new. If you call 22048700 one is first greeted with an automated voice that says “Welcome to The Royal Castle, please wait.” Despite this, there are many who wait until the operator takes the phone and ask to speak with Harald and Haakon. And of course it is urgent …

“Sometimes we get some of those phones, but today there have been more than usual, “said an operator at the switchboard.

Missed the Boat

The joke is by no means new, but many have used this type of text messages as a joke today. The operator says that the reaction of the caller is very variable. In some cases, it threw people when they realize they “missed the boat”.

“The behavior of the caller is very person dependent. But there are a lot who have been fooled,” says the operator.

Source: Addressa.no

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