Deforestation and climate change financing

Today, Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg gave Norway’s main address at the United Nations Climate Change Conference. He highlighted two areas that are crucial for the further negotiations: climate change financing and the establishment of a Green Fund, and the conservation of forests. “Norway will do what it can to ensure a positive result here in Cancún,” said Mr Stoltenberg.

Deforestation in developing countries accounts for around 15% of total global greenhouse gas emissions. This is more than the emissions from all the world’s ships, cars, trains and planes combined. Reducing deforestation and forest degradation can bring about the largest, fastest and cheapest cuts in global emissions.

“It will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to limit global warming to two degrees without a significant reduction in deforestation. We almost managed to reach agreement on addressing deforestation in Copenhagen. The Oslo Climate and Forest Conference in May agreed to set up the REDD+ Partnership, and more than 70 countries are now supporting this initiative. Now we must agree on how to create good international framework for this area,” said Mr Stoltenberg.

Mr Stolenberg also raised the issue of climate change financing. “Unless we find ways of ensuring financing of climate actions in developing countries, there will be no comprehensive climate agreement. Climate financing is not only about funding. We must also find a balance between economic interests and responsibilities,” Mr Stoltenberg said. He expressed the hope that the recommendations of the Secretary General’s Advisory Group on Climate Change Financing would be taken into account in the ongoing climate negotiations. He particularly highlighted the importance of putting a price on carbon and on including more sectors, such as international transport, in taxation or emissions trading systems.

Mr Stoltenberg pointed out that the world must maintain its focus on climate change. “We must all pull together. This means making commitments and accepting compromises. We are making progress, but we need more concrete results. The aim at Cancún is to pave the way for comprehensive climate agreement in Durban,” said Mr Stoltenberg.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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