Council of Europe Conference of Ministers of Justice

Tromsø in the  Midnight Sun.

Tromsø in the Midnight Sun.

The Norwegian Minister of Justice and the Police Knut Storberget will host the 29th Conference of Council of Europe Ministers of Justice in Tromsø 18-19 June 2009. 210 participants from 47 countries will be there to discuss domestic violence.

Domestic violence is shrouded in secrecy. Its victims rarely reveal the fear, isolation and trauma in which they live. The perpetrators deny it takes place at all. It is as if it does not exist.

Domestic violence has long been met with public and political silence. It is barely visible in the legal system and seldom recognised as a serious crime and violation of fundamental human rights.

The Ministers of Justice will discuss ways to combat domestic violence by identifying the problems and developing and promoting a common approach to breaking the silence, and supporting and empowering the victims.

The 29th Council of Europe Conference of Ministers of Justice will open a forum for exchange of views on these issues and identify areas where further efforts are needed to tackle this problem in Europe.

The Norwegian government is committed to combatting violence in intimate relationships. Among other things, the government has launched the action plan “Turning Point” and created a new penal code that to a far greater degree than hitherto takes seriously the violence that goes on behind closed doors.

You can find more information about the conference, lists of participants and background material on the Council of Europe’s website


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