Updates on coronavirus in Norway

coronavirus in Norway

Graph from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health’s Weekly Report through Week 21 (May 18-24). The teal bars indicate positive COVID-19 cases reported to the MSIS database; the magenta bars indicate new hospitalizations whose primary reason is COVID-19; and the line indicates the R-number (rate of infection spread), with its margin of error in gray. Source: NIPH (fhi.no), MSIS, and the Norwegian pandemic registry

We know many of readers of The Norwegian American are concerned about the status of the novel coronavirus in Norway, whether out of care for relatives, friends, or loved ones, or due to planned travel to Norwegian destinations. While we cannot offer official advice or recommendations, we can provide online updates on the status of the virus in Norway and how the country is handling the ongoing crisis, as well as helpful links to general information about the virus. As the situation in Norway has stabilized (as of May 15), with a rate of infection spread consistently below 1.0 and a decreasing number of hospitalized patients, we will transition to updating once a week with developments and graphs from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

Weekly update from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and the MSIS infectious disease database:

May 29, 2020
Cumulative data on coronavirus cases in Norway

8,411 cases

236 deaths

218 total intensive care

245,352 people tested

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