by Fredrik Skavlan, with translations by Lori Ann Reinhall

—Pappa! Odin’s building with Lego without a helmet on!


Lille Berlin

by Ellen Ekman, with translations by Lori Ann Reinhall

—Hi, I’d like to get myself tattooed!
—OK, but you first have to answer some standard questions.
—Fire away!
—Will this be your first tattooing?
—Have you bought any of the following things during the past year: beer-brewing kit, DJ equipment, or a competition number for the Birkebeiner race.
—Is your bike more than 10 years old?
—OK. What motif would you like for your tattoo?
—A dragon standing on a skateboard between two shoulder blades.
—I’m sorry, but it’s our policy not to tattoo people in a midlife crisis. We can’t take responsibility for that.
—But I’m not in a midlife crisis.
—I’m young at heart!!

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