by Fredrik Skavlan, with translations by Lori Ann Reinhall
Skavlan comics—These days, I get so anxious for my little boy during summer vacation, so instead of a life vest, helmet, sunscreen, and such, I just pack him up nice and safe in bubble wrap.

Lille Berlin

by Ellen Ekman, with translations by Lori Ann Reinhall
Lille Berlin
—Hey guys, I’m campaigning for a protest against the soccer World Cup in Qatar and the horrible conditions for guest workers there.
—They’re working for slave wages. Their passports are sequestered, and their wages are held back, they get no food, they’re battered and abused, and hundreds have died in workplace accidents.
—… and they’re going to move the World Cup to the winter, because it’s too warm there in the summer.
—Are you kidding?!
—Now we’ve had enough!
—Let’s go down there and chain ourselves to the gates!
—Soccer, beer, and summer belong together!

This article originally appeared in the July 9, 2021, issue of The Norwegian American.

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