by Fredrik Skavlan, with translations by Andy Meyer


Just three weeks left to live? Well then, at least I’ll get to participate in the neighborhood clean-up next weekend.

Lille Berlin

by Ellen Ekman, with translations by Andy Meyer

lille berlin

—How’d that one fit? Oooh, so nice!
—Hmm … it’s a little too big, I think.
—Big? No, it’s oversized.
—Shhh, it can hear you!
—But it’s supposed to be that way, you see. It’s the style. It’s a boyfriend shirt.
—Uff, I don’t want people to think I have a boyfriend. Brrrr!
—Or do you mean that it’s a substitute for a boyfriend? Like one of those body-shaped pillows? I’m sorry if I misunderstood the signals, Shirt, but I am not looking for anything serious at the moment … Excuse me, can you leave me alone in here? This is a little private.
—Uhh …


This article originally appeared in the Jan. 7, 2022, issue of The Norwegian American.

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