Comics 11/05/21

Skavlan by Fredrik Skavlan

-When he says «les enfants sont dans le jardin,” it means that the children are in the garden, not that the elephants are dancing in the curtains.


Lille Berlin by Ellen Ekman

-Sometimes I think that emojis have made normal communication so inadequate. How can I express feelings without emojis?
-Um, with something we call facial expressions? You know that facial expressions came first, not smileys, right?

-But how can I show a little galloping horse with a facial expression?
-Why do you want to show a little galloping horse? When in the world would you possibly need a little galloping horse?!
-Well, I just think that human language doesn’t have enough linguistic nuance to express what emojis can.
-I don’t think I have enough linguistic nuance to express how dumb this is.
-There, you see?!

Translations by Andy Meyer

This article originally appeared in the Nov. 5, 2021, issue of The Norwegian American.

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