Comics 11/03/17

by Frode Øverli
Pondus comic strip. Text below.

— Hey there! Toss me over a brewsky, Camilly?
— Sure thing, babe!
— How many goals have you let by this season?
— 211! Our defense has been pathetic!


by Børge Lund
Lunch comic strip. Text below.

— Why have we stopped here? I thought…
— Bus for train!
— Bus for train?!? What’ll it be next?
— Pickup truck?
— Pickup truck for the taxi for the bus for train!


by Nils Axle Kanten
Hjalmar comic strip. Text below.

— Didrik only wants to play with cars.
— Looks like he’s playing with Maja’s doll now.
What?! No… Don’t take the doll from Maja, Didrik!
— Relax! He borrowed it.
— Didrik! Give the doll back! He’s a rascal when it comes to teasing the girls, ehe-he…
— Look, now they’re playing tea party. Didrik’s changing the doll’s dress! How sweet!
— Drop that damn doll and play with your car!!!
— We’ll be home early, dear…


Han Ola og Han Per
by Peter J. Rosendahl, with new translations by John Erik Stacy

— Here’s a letter to Cleopatra. Where’s she at?
— She went over to the field with lunch for Caesar.
— He’s good at plowing in the corn, that Caesar.
— Yeah, you bet. Just like I’d have done it myself.
— Oh don’t you cry from me, I come from Alabama with a banjo on my knee.
— Oh how wonderfully sweet you sing, Julius.
— Yes ma’am. I love to sing, honey.

Note: This post has been edited to present the correct comics for this date.



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