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Meet our newest contributor, the one and only Fredrik Skavlan!

Fredrik Skavlan is a celebrated Norwegian journalist, cartoonist, and the host of Scandinavia’s most popular late-night talk show, Skavlan. There he leads candid, in-depth interviews with some of the world’s biggest stars, artists, politicians, scientists, writers, and philosophers. Each episode consists of four guests and one musical performance with his guests. The show focuses on Skavlan’s conversation with the guests and the guests’ conversations with each other. Skavlan is recorded in front of a live audience in Stockholm, London, or New York, and is broadcast every weekend in Norway and Sweden throughout the show’s season.


A date to invite the entire kindergarten, you say? Let’s see… What about never? Does never work for you?


— Come along so you can see the new manure carrier.

— You gotta new carrier?

— Isn’t heavy to pull?

— It ain’t nuthin.

— How do you get it emptied?

— I tip’er over sideways. Wait and you’ll see.

— Ha Ha Ha

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This article originally appeared in the Sept. 4, 2020, issue of The Norwegian American.

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