Comics 07/31/20


— Breath…

— Desert roadkill or fresh-baked waffles?

— Testing testing!

— Fhoo! Fhooo!

— Oops!


— Doctor, doctor, my head hurts!

— Oh, yes, inside or outside?

— Well, feels like it’s my brain.

— Hmm … in that case we’re probably talking …

— Phantom pains!

— Ba-dum-tsss


— Yes indeed, you have one fit husband, my dear! Today, I did 50 minutes on the treadmill and 30 minutes of strength training!

— My goodness, Hjalmar!

— It’s about prioritizing! It’s important to keep in shape for one’s health! Then, one can live a longer life and spend more time with the children!

— Want to play, Dad?

— Can’t you see I’m exhausted, Jens?

Han Ola og han Per

— What’s going on now then?

— It is Lars. He fell down the well.

— I don’t understand how we can get him up.

— Oh sure, we have to fill with water so he floats up.

— D’ya see’m?

— No, but I can here’m splash.

— We don’t need more water.

— I can reach’m with the hook now.

—I got a hold of’m now.

— Do you feel all right Lars?

— Yes thanks, but it was awfully wet.

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