Comics 07/26/19

by Frode Øverli
Pondus comic— God it’s lovely to be back! I don’t understand how anyone could complain about this profession!
— Heeeeeey! You’re back! I missed you!
— Well, I didn’t miss you, Doctor!
— Hahaha, fiesty lady!
— Nurse! Someone’s puking green all over the hallway!
— See ya!
— It’s coming back to me!

by Børge Lund
Lunch comic— Choose color first?! I just want black coffee!
— Then we’ll use purple, Kjell! Get ready for a demo!
— Splash!
— Well?
— Decent enough. Cute doll cup. Fill up the tank!
— Gah! A bucket!

by Nils Axle Kanten
Hjalmar— What do you think of the Foo Fighters, Viggo?
— Well, the lead vocalist broke through with that innovative band, Nirvana, which meant the end of Heavy Metal’s glory days.
— I hate Dave Grohl!!! I hate the Foo Fighters!!!
— Living on a Prayer, Bon Jovi, STAT!
— Later!

Han Ola og Han Per
by Peter J. Rosendahl, with new translations by John Erik Stacy
Han Ola og han Per comic— How’s it for you Lars, can you go to the mill to get feed? You see me and Ola have to be on the jury today.
— But watch out when you harness up Kate. She is a little nervous when you are putting the crupper-strap on her.
— That Ole is clearly a gifted man but could be I am not so stupid either—Ho Kate!
— Ho Kate! Ho!

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