Comics 07/13/18

by Frode Øverli

— Enjoy the fragrance, ma’am!
— Be happy you’re allergic to fur and not flowers! Flowers are a gift from God to our senses and this gift will you receive in abundance if you buy my house!
— I can explain!
— I can explain!


by Børge Lund

— Teleconference? Wasn’t I banned for life after the last one?
— I thought the mic was turned off, remember? But nope! There was the whole row of fatties playing Stasi-Nazi-KGB! They heard every little detail!
— Shouldn’t that baboon Bache buy some video conferencing equipment?


by Nils Axle Kanten

— Hjalmar’s going to Afghanistan!
— What, really? Is there some money in that?
— Hjalmar has become a soldier and all you can think about is money and paperwork! Where is the man I married?
— Like this…?
— Yippee! Just like in the old days! Come here, my warrior!


Han Ola og Han Per
by Peter J. Rosendahl, with new translations by John Erik Stacy

— We should have cleaned that well before we went away.
— Yeah, but we didn’t have the time then.
— Can you remember how deep he is?
— He’s eleven-and-eighty-ten feet down to the water line.
— You should keep a good hold on the rope. There seems to be more water here.
— When I am holding the rope you are perfectly safe.

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