Comics 06/26/20


— Far too many parents have a too casual relationship with their kids!

— But children need support from parents willing to sacrifice everything, and do things properly!

— Like today! My three-year-old wanted to play hide-and-seek…

— He’ll never find me here!


— Right, I loove your ironic tone, boys!

— Ooooh! It’s so important that we understand one another …

— Jeeez, Kjell! That was soooo grown-up!

— Ha ha! You’re right on the button there!


— Hi, neighbor! I hear your kids are going to start marching band! Great! I’m, in fact, the conductor!

— You are, huh?! But…unfortunately, they’re not very interested! They prefer pop and rock…

— My time as an officer in the military taught me a few tricks! I’ll get them to go! With discipline and carrots…

CAKE! I want cake if I have to go to band practice, I told you!

— Yes…of course, my dear…!

— We’re in for a Nintendo DS each!


— There’s someone that phoned today asked if we could split posts tomorrow over by the Non-partisan Highway.

— Sure we can do that I reckon.

— Sink your axe in it now Per.

— Here she goes!

— I get so mad at you Ola. You’re always at some kind of foolery. You made me spoil my axe.

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