Comics 06/12/20


— Mom! Why does that man have such big ears?

— Shush, Lars! He can get angry with you!

— No, he’s smiling! But he’s got ugly teeth, mom!

— Lars! That’s enough! Keep quiet!

— But look! They’re yellow! With brown specks!


— Mom! Look at the nose of the driver! He looks like a cartoon character!

— Wow! You’re right, Lars!


— Such wrist injuries are very common among aspiring lawyers, new estate agents, and other yuppies with chronically high salaries at very young ages…

— I’m prescribing a lighter watch so that you can put that heavy number on the shelf until you’re older…


— Dad is nice…He’s making me a toy car.

— It just takes a little time…

— Uhhmm…well, I’m going to have to think a little more about this tomorrow.

— Do you want a sled? We can take care of that!

— One from the store, I hope!

Han Ola og han Per

— I did not get anything out of buying a run-about. No one wants to know about me anyway – no one wants a ride.

— It’s your own fault Per, you are too slow in your motion. You have to be kinda quick and catch them off guard.

— By Jiminy! Here comes someone who will want a ride.

— Hi there! Want a ride?

— Yeah, but that was not what I wanted.

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