Comics 05/22/20


— Mom! Can I have a Kinder Egg?

— No! Not today!

— Why not?

— It’s not Saturday, Blockhead! You can have some gum!

— I don’t want gum! I want Kinder Egg!

— Nope! You’re not getting that!

— Want Kinder Egg!!

— I sympathize!

— Don’t want blood pudding! Want bratwurst and beer!


— This project has top priority, Thorsen! What do you need to bring it in on time and budget?

— Er … unlimited time and money?

— Well … if that’s what you need to make the deadline without breaking the budget?

— It is!

— Excellent! I’ll be back when I understand the consequences of what we agreed!

—I know …


— Haven’t you considered upgrading the coffee selection, Bjarne? Cafe latte, cappuccino, etc…

— Nope.


Han Ola og han Per

— I’m thinking we should try to hoist up that windmill that we dug down. Do you have time to come along?

— Yeah sure, I was just going to the depot to get the Victrola I ordered.

— Giddyup!

— One – two – three – GO!

— Giddyup Kate

— Ho! Ho! Stop Per – Kate has stalled

— Giddyup Giddyup Kate

— Giddyup

— Go on here!

— Giddyup

— Giddyup

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