Comics 05/08/20

— What’s that sound?

— My mobile, in my pocket!

— “I was made for loving you” as a ringtone? Mucho groovy!

— With vibration!

— You’re not gonna take it?

— …Probably not for me… Ngh…

30 dollars, Kjell! That’s all that’s needed to give a family in Sierra Leone a roof over their heads!

— Is that right? Just 30?

— 30 for a house, Kjell. Something to think about!

— Absolutely!

— What? You don’t do jobs abroad?

— Ok, then…I’ll come along…see you Friday night.

— This is the kind of thing we Norwegians do on the weekends. I gave in to the pressure!

— I should really be above this. So tacky!

— Admit it, Uncle B., you think Taco night on Friday is so fun, huh!

— Nomnom! You better keep quiet about this, Bro! Nomnomnom!

— Per is it you? There is fire in the barn – come quickly!

— Hello Per would you like to come along on a picnic?

— Yes, do it Per

— Oh goodness we are going to have fun

— You shouldn’t be shy Per

— I think I have eaten myself completely to pieces, me that should have been helping Ola with the fire – oh, he, he –

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