Comics 04/17/20


—I need a man who wants to do things together with me!

—I’m that man!

—I need to feel that we’re a team!

—Hey, you and me, baby!

—You promise?

—On my life!

—Bring the pain, Jokke!


—Extreme yoga?

—The real deal!

Hjalmar, with translations by Andy Meyer

—Dad! Look! Can I take a turn?!

—You’ll have to ask her!

Han Ola og han Per, with new translations by John Erik Stacy

—We should finish up digging by dinner if we have enough dynamite.

—We have about 50 pounds and the I think it’s plenty.

—My goodness if its not the raggedy boar standing there eating up the dynamite.

—Help me if I don’t beat you to death!

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This article originally appeared in the April 17, 2020, issue of The Norwegian American.

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