Comics 03/09/18

by Frode Øverli
Pondus Norwegian Comic

— Hey! What is this my eyes see? Are you sewing?
— Yep! I’m sewing!
— Needle and thread? You?! Have you switched teams, Amigo?
No! Can’t a guy do a little crafting every now and again?
— Yeah but… What are you sewing?
— A parachute to use when I jump off Devil’s Rock!
Phew! I was actually starting to get a little worried about you!
— Don’t be an idiot! Help me stuff this thing into my old backpack!


by Børge Lund
Lunch Norwegian Comic

— Nico, I give up! Your creative project is killing me! From now on I’ll do real work…
— What about all the ideas?
— … A 4-year-old with a brainstorm app could brainstorm app could have done better, Nico! Easily!


by Nils Axle Kanten
Hjalmar Norwegian Comic

— Papa, where’s the makeup case?
— I don’t know. Try looking in your mom’s closet, in the bathroom.
— Hic! …Didrik…? Makeup? No, no no!
— Relax! He’s playing pirate, Jack Sparrow!
— Yeah but, m-makeup…


Han Ola og Han Per
by Peter J. Rosendahl, with new translations by John Erik Stacy
Hans Ola og Han Per Norwegian Comic

— Even if the sidewalk was a half furlong wide it would still be too narrow.
— I wonder if I might play a little trick on them.
— If you can do that, Per, you’re smart.

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