Comics 02/23/18

by Frode Øverli
Pondus Norwegian comic

— Like, seriously! Did you understand any of the physics test? Crazy hard!
— I just, like… You know? I totally messed up question 4! So hard! I just… You know?
— Okay… But, like, seriously! Gotta go! Talk later!
— How do you talk to girls?
— Aaah…
— Have you tried using words?
— It’s simple that way!


by Børge Lund
Lunch Norwegian comic

— The source of the recent leak, better known as twitterleak, has been found.
— I can assure you that the company is at this very moment making necessary changes to some employees’ security clearance…
— Think positive, Kjell! Morse was a tweeter too!


by Nils Axle Kanten
Hjalmar Norwegian comic

— I’m posting the new car on Facebook!
— Oh my God! No! That’s so boastful!
— Yes, ahem. Got it.
— Come on! Post a nice photo of the family instead.
— This will be nice…


Han Ola og Han Per
by Peter J. Rosendahl, with new translations by John Erik Stacy
Hans Ola og Hans Per Norwegian comic

— Now you get yourself outta here!
— Coming here to try again?
— Come on!
— Yeah now’s the last time—



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