Comics 01/26/18

by Frode Øverli
Pondus Norwegian Comic

Hola! Put some Salsa on, amigo!
— No!
— Everything okay?


by Børge Lund
Lunch Norwegian Comic

— Remember that any form of criticism is forbidden while we brainstorm!
— Why is that? Can’t you take criticism?
— Criticism leads to fear of saying something stupid!
— Isn’t that good, though?
— No, it’s stupid!
— I can say lots of stupid things!
— Arrggh! One should say smart things in a crazy way, Kjell! Not the other way around!
— Is he allowed to criticize my criticism?


by Nils Axle Kanten
Hjalmar Norwegian Comic

— Hjalmar bought a BMW without telling Turid first.
— Cool car, but maybe not a family car…
— It was a cool car but it’s become a family car… Of a sort…


Han Ola og Han Per
by Peter J. Rosendahl, with new translations by John Erik Stacy
Hans Ola og Hans Per Norwegian Comic

— Weren’t we going to start our vacation to Norway tomorrow?
— Yeah sure, when the women are ready we will start.
— We should have let them know we are coming.
— I sent a cablegram today.
— I wonder where Lars is?
— Oh boy, we are now on our way to Norway!
— Stop! Stop! I want to come along too!

This is the last Han Ola og Han Per! We’ll be starting over in the next issue.


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