Comics 01/10/20

by Frode Øverli
Pondus_comic— Psychologist Angstberg. In your new book, you launch a new method of dealing with panic and phobias!
— Indeed. It’s the “go for it” method.
— So… If you’re afraid of flying…
— Go flying in Mexico!
— Afraid of speaking in public…
— Become a politician!
— Afraid of mother-in-laws…
— Marry!
— So what you’re saying is that fear is best dealt with by facing it?
— Indeed!

by Børge Lund
Lunch_comic— Come back, Kjell! We can promise you professional help.
— D’you hear me, Wilson? He thinks I’ve lost it!

Hjalmar_comic— So goes the day…
— Maybe I should play with him a bit. Do a little “bonding.”
— BOO!
— Psycho!

Han Ola og han Per_comic— Wait a little, Ola, and you will get supper before you go. The porridge will soon be ready.
— Oh, you shouldn’t bother, Per.
— All that fancy food they use these days. I can’t stand it – give me porridge every time.
— You are a champ at making porridge, boy.
— I don’t feel well, Per.
— Not me either – it’s like I am burning in my chest.
— No, that beats everything, too! I mixed up the plaster of Paris I had in here.


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