Takk for meg!

Christy Olsen Field steps down as Taste of Norway Editor for The Norwegian American.

Taste of Norway Editor
The Norwegian American

This marks my final issue as the Taste of Norway editor for The Norwegian American. With new opportunities on the horizon, I am stepping down from the food editor position and saying takk for meg, thank you for having me.

It has been an honor to hold this position for The Norwegian American for the last three years. Each article gave me the opportunity to learn something new, whether it was about an ingredient, a traditional dish, or sharing the stories of Norwegian Americans who are putting their own American spin on traditional Norwegian/Nordic food and drink in the United States.

I am thrilled to pass the baton to my friend and collaborator, Kristi Bissell. Kristi is one of my favorite people to work with, and I am in awe of her creativity and recipe development skills. You are in for a treat!

A sincere tusen takk to Editor-in-chief Lori Ann Reinhall for your support and encouragement!

I’d also like to thank my taste-testing team—my husband, Carl, and kids Carl V and Bjorn—for giving me space to cook and write when I was on deadline and for trying each recipe (even in the failures).

And thank you to you, dear readers, for joining me in my kitchen for a taste of Norway. I loved every email and note (and occasional feedback). Happy cooking!


This article originally appeared in the April 1, 2022, issue of The Norwegian American.