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Photos courtesy of Vitalah Oxylent, created by Norwegian-American Lisa Lent, is a vitamin supplement that dissolves in water for easy and effective absorption. The product comes in single-use packets.

Interview with Lisa Lent, Norwegian-American founder of vitamin supplement Oxylent

Christy Olsen Field

Norwegian American Weekly

In today’s health-conscious world, there is a dizzying array of products available promising to add years to one’s life and improve overall health.

One voice that is garnering attention for its high-quality products is Lisa Lent, founder of Vitalah and creator of Oxylent vitamin supplements. Oxylent products have been recognized by the vitamin industry, including “Best of Supplements” award by Better Nutrition in 2010 and 2011, and “Top 10 Best New Products” in 2009. With proud roots in Norway and the U.S., Lent give homage to her heritage in Vitalah branding and choice of mentors.

We interviewed Lent to learn more about her connections to Norway and her commitment to optimal health.

Christy Olsen Field: What is your Norwegian-American background?

Lisa Lent: My mother, Gro Lent, was born in Oslo during World War II, to her Norwegian parents Walter and Kari Magnussen. They lived in Oslo until she was seven years old, at which point they moved to the Norwegian countryside. My mom remained in Norway until the spring of 1963, when, at the age of 18, she fulfilled her dream to move to America – to San Francisco to work for a family as an au pair. She met her future husband, got married, and has remained in the U.S. for 49 years, while making annual trips back to Norway and visiting her family there. My mom has always kept her heritage alive by celebrating Norwegian holidays each year, having many Norwegian friends here in the U.S., making and sharing Norwegian foods, and maintaining very close relationships with friends and family in Norway.

I traveled to Norway with my mom on her annual trips since before I can remember – my first was when I was less than 1 year old. I spent every summer in Norway as a child, even flying alone (with a chaperone) at age eight. My favorite memories of my summers there are boating on the Oslo fjord on my grandfather’s boat – which he built himself – taking trips to friends’ and family’s summer cabins to go hiking, berry-picking, and swimming, celebrating Norway’s independence day, and learning to speak Norwegian fluently.

I visited Norway almost every year until my 20s. Through these visits, Norway was an influential part of my life growing up, and the culture, traditions, and people helped shape me into the person I am today. Norway has a special place in my heart and I still consider it my second home.


COF: What led you to develop Oxylent?

LL: It was my own health challenges that led me to found Vitalah and develop Oxylent. It all started over 10 years ago when I was working as an international flight attendant and developed serious health issues. In 2000, at only 29 years old, while on an international flight from London to Washington, D.C., I began to experience chest pains that didn’t subside. Upon returning home to England, I went to the hospital and to my surprise doctors diagnosed me with pulmonary embolism – multiple blood clots in my lungs. I was very lucky to have had symptoms, and became determined to find a way to maintain better health and to help others avoid similar situations. I was in a constant state of worry about my health and that I would experience another pulmonary embolism, and I found myself taking a multitude of supplements everyday. I knew there had to be a better way, and founded Vitalah with the goal of developing a new generation of health supplement. My initial dream to create a supplement for travelers ultimately led to something far greater with Oxylent – a high quality effervescent multivitamin drink that has become the ultimate supplement for everyday life!

COF: Why is Oxylent beneficial for people to use? 

LL: Oxylent is a daily multivitamin drink mix that contains a full panel of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants, and electrolytes – all in one delicious drink. Each packet mixes with water to create a tasty sparkling drink that replaces pills as a way to take a multivitamin. It’s not only more pleasant to take than pills, though – it’s also more effective than pills. Several studies have shown that effervescence is both greater and faster absorbed than the traditional delivery systems of pills and tablets. Nutrients can only help us when we can absorb them, and unfortunately many of us do not break down pills efficiently, particularly as we age or if we have digestive or intestinal health issues.

In addition to vitamins C, B, and D, minerals such as zinc, selenium, calcium, and magnesium, and amino acids like L-Arginine, Oxylent’s unique formula includes the revolutionary ingredient SOD, which is the most powerful antioxidant on the planet and eliminates billions of harmful free radicals that can damage our cells and tissues. We use only the highest quality ingredients in their most absorbable form, delivering an optimum blend of vital nutrients that oxygenates, hydrates, circulates, and rejuvenates the entire body. All without sugar, artificial sweeteners, dairy, gluten, caffeine, or additives of any kind. People who love Oxylent and have reported wonderful results include athletes, students, seniors, and travelers. We also offer Children’s Oxylent and Prenatal Oxylent, which have produced great results for pregnant women and kids as well.

COF: In your own words, what is optimal health? How does Oxylent improve people’s health?

LL: Optimal health means that our bodies and minds are functioning at their peak and have everything they need to keep us healthy and feeling great – such as a healthy diet, regular exercise, sound sleep, stress management, and of course nutrition. In today’s world, even the healthiest diets often don’t provide the levels of essential nutrients we need for optimal health, and Oxylent makes it easy and convenient to get superior quality daily multivitamin support – all in one delicious drink.

COF: One of your mentors is Joar Opheim, founder of Nordic Naturals fish oil supplements. How has he influenced your work with Vitalah? 

LL: Yes, Joar Opheim is a great friend and advisor of Vitalah’s. Years before founding Vitalah and developing Oxylent, I first approached a nutraceutical company about creating a supplement for travelers. It was called the “Flight Pack” and had an image of a flying airplane on the packaging, which unfortunately launched a week after 9/11. At that time the world was not ready to receive this product. Then, when I moved to Santa Cruz, Calif., several years ago, it was Joar who recommended that I try my endeavor again, and it was then that Vitalah was founded. With his help, my initial dream ended up leading to something even better.

COF: Any last things you want our readers to know?

LL: I’d like everyone to know about Vitamin Angels, an important non-profit organization that we at Vitalah are proud to partner with. Vitamin Angels is one of the most respected charities worldwide due to their efforts to reduce child mortality around the world by providing children under the age of five with vital nutrients they need to thrive. Vitamin Angels’ commitment is beautifully aligned with Vitalah’s mission of bringing high-quality supplements to families everywhere. From the beginning days of Vitalah, I was always committed to finding a special charity to partner with. Vitamin Angels was the perfect choice and we are proud that every Oxylent purchase supports their important mission. To learn more about Vitamin Angels visit

To learn more about Oxylent, visit or call (831) 724-6300. Oxylent is available for purchase at health stores and vitamin stores.

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