Changes in passport procedures December 1, 2009

From December 1, 2009, it will no longer be possible to apply for a new passport through the Norwegian Honorary Consulates. Only Embassies and Consulates General (list provided below) will be able to receive applications after this date.

After this deadline, the Honorary Consulates, including the Honorary Consulate General in Minneapolis, will no longer be able to accept passport applications. The Embassy in Washington D.C. encourage all those who have passports which are expiring in the next couple of years to contact their nearest Consulate for passport renewal before December 1. (especially those still holding handwritten passports), thereby saving themselves the inconvenience of travel to Washington, Houston, New York or San Fransisco at a later date.

From January 1, 2010, it will no longer be possible to apply for a national personal number and passport simultaneously. All Norwegian citizens must have a registered personal number in the National Register before a passport application may be submitted at the Foreign Service mission. Application for a national personal number must still be placed with the Foreign Service mission.

The reason for these changes is Norway’s compliance with Schengens requirements regarding mandatory biometrics in passports. Applicants shall, upon presenting themselves at the Foreign Service mission, pay an application fee and thereafter submit their biometric data in the form of one photo, two fingerprints and a signature. Designated equipment for capturing biometric data will be placed at the Foreign Service missions. Identical equipment will be put to use at police stations and passport offices in Norway starting the same date.

Information about the applicant will be stored in accordance with the applicable laws, rules and regulations at any given time.

The applicants may choose which Embassy or Consulate General they wish to file the passport application with. They may also apply for passport at any police station or passport office while visiting Norway. Delivery/distribution of the passport will take place as it does today, at the designated Embassy or Consulate. In some countries, the applicant may also receive the passport through registered mail to the local post office.

In addition to the Embassy in Washington D.C., the following Consulates General can receive passport applications:

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