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Businesses can learn from each other with NextStep’s Digital Executive Growth Program.

Jennifer Vessels
Next Step—Silicon Valley & Oslo, Norway

Climate change, political disruption, and corporate disruption is today’s reality. Those who once may have doubted that change was necessary now recognize evolution is required for survival. The question is now HOW to change.

In business, transformation for future success requires executive commitment to change for future relevance and value to customers; deep understanding of customer’s future needs, directions, and challenges; collaboration with ecosystem partners or value network to maximize value; adaptability to address evolution of market developments and employee, customer, and partner feedback; and continual learning for employees across the organization so they are prepared to address new opportunities

Change is inevitable. Now is the time not just to survive but to succeed through commitment to the future.

To start the change process, companies such as Daimler, Goodwill, Microsoft, and Telenor have engaged employees in round-table forum discussions for collaboration, learning, and collective commitment to successful change.

The results include launch of new digital services, greater employee engagement, incremental revenue growth, and transformation of processes.

Next Step’s Digital Executive Growth Program provides a trusted community through which executives share, learn, and collaborate with like-minded leaders to address and resolve challenges and develop opportunities to enhance their success. Through participation, members have achieved enhanced revenue through new business models and digital services; greater productivity and future-readiness; faster time to market for new offerings; and understanding of needs, challenges, and best practices of their peers. They’ve also made global alliances and network contacts.

By meeting in small groups to discuss real-world challenges with digital transformation, DEGP members gain insight, learn, brainstorm, and gain feedback on ideas or issues.

Membership in the Digital Executive Growth Program is by invitation only. If interested, email letstalk@nextstepgrowth.com or call 1 (650) 218-0902.

This article was provided to The Norwegian American by Jennifer Vessels of Silicon Valley and Oslo. She is CEO of Next Step, leading business transformation for Adobe, Autodesk, Avinor, Microsoft Nevion, Posti, ShoreTel, and more. She can be reached at jvessels@nextstepgrowth.com.

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