Celebrating Leif Eriksson Day and two years of Norway Art columns

Leif Erikson

Christian Krohg (1852 – 1925), Norwegian, “Leif Eriksson Discovering America,” reproduction.


Since October 2019, my Norway Art columns and other articles have appeared on these pages of The Norwegian American. Feedback from readers has been great and gratifying. The writing adventure has not been on the level of Leif Eriksson’s epic success with landing on the North American continent about the year 1,000 as the first European to do so, but it has been exciting.

This month’s article builds around a recently produced video conversation that begins with Christian Krohg’s famous painting “Leif Eriksson Discovers America.” The informal video continues with selected Nordic art paintings from the Norway Art collection that represent the lives and landscape and cultures that Scandinavian immigrants left behind in their homelands when they bravely adventured into a world that was as new to them as the one Leif Eriksson explored. By “reading” these paintings and being reminded of our roots, we may discover more about ourselves.

Take a break from fall tasks, public health concerns, and personal challenges to transport yourself back in history by screening the video. Enjoy the 37-minute film in its entirety or break it up into smaller pieces to view later by simply pausing at any point and picking it up when you have time or are in the mood to continue watching. 


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Hans Dahl (1849 – 1937), Norwegian, “Arriving for a Celebration,” originial oil on canvas.

Lauritz A. Ring (1854 – 1933), Danish, “How are You Doing Old Friend,” original oil on canvas.

Väninö Timm (1862 – 1938), Finnish, “Porkkala Finland,” original oil on canvas.

Mark Osman Curtis (1879 – 1959), Scottish, signed H. Bjardam, pseudonym, original oil on canvas.

William Gislander (1890 – 1937), Swedish, “Special Light, Skagen, Denmark,” oiriginal oil on canvas.

Antonio Jacobsen (1850 – 1921), Danish, “Steaming toward America,” original oil on canvas.

Karl Nordström (1855 – 1923), Swedish, “Stockholm Flat 1914,” original oil on canvas.

All photos by Max Stevenson.

This article originally appeared in the Sept. 17, 2021, issue of The Norwegian American.

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Mary Jo Thorsheim

Mary Jo Thorsheim (1937-2023) was the owner of the Norway Art® importing business for 40 years and a regular contributor to The Norwegian American.