Celebrate the spirit of the season—and Norway—with a new special sweater

Dale designs extensive collection for 2022 Winter Olympics

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With something for everyone, Dale of Norway’s OL Spirit collection of sweaters for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing includes a vest, a jacket, and numerous accessory items. The jackets and vests are all navy blue and made with water-repellent wool to protect you from the winter wind and weather.

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Dale of Norway’s OL Spirit collection of sweaters for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing includes a vest, a jacket, numerous base layer tops and base layer pants. If that is not enough to round out one’s wardrobe, check out the sport socks, headbands, and hats.

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The new OL Spirit collection includes fun base layer pants and tops for both men and women. It’s all about looking good and keeping comfortable, the Dale of Norway way.

OL Spirit stands for “Olympiske Leker,” which is Norwegian for “Olympic Games.” The OL Spirit Sweater is the official sweater of the collection. This navy-blue sweater features a white star on the front. This star is inspired by an old Norwegian rose pattern. The design is further detailed with radiating points, which are inspired by Chinese paper folding. The elbows are padded in red and white stripes, a nod to skiers of the 1970s. The back has a slightly padded word, “NORWAY.” There is also an OL Spirit sweater jacket, which features a zipper front and white stars on the sleeves.

The OL Spirit jackets and vests are all navy blue and made with water repellant wool. The padding creates a 3-D effect showing the star pattern of the collection. Flag color stripes on the shoulders add just the right detail. These pieces have a front zipper and pockets. These padded items are knit to size, eliminating the need for extra fabric, which would end up on the cutting floor. A typical cut-and-sew product can waste 20% of the fabric. Dale of Norway is embracing new eco-friendly technology wherever they can.

Dale of Norway has been designing sweaters for the Norwegian Olympic team since 1956. That means they have created 18 different Olympic sweater designs over the years. The OL History Sweater captures all 18 of these designs in navy and white. Some may have said the design department could not design a sweater that captures all 18 designs, but they did, and it is a tribute to the talented designers at Dale of Norway. Each floating square of the OL History design features an element from an Olympic Sweater of the past. Look closely to find Lillehammer, Cortina, Salt Lake City, and more. This OL History Sweater patchwork design celebrates artistry and authenticity in a very modern, on-trend way.

Dale norway

The navy-blue OL Spirit Sweater with its white star is the official sweater of the collection.

The history of Dale of Norway dates back to 1879. This is an authentic brand with a long history of knitting sweaters in Norway. This is also a brand that embraces new ways of doing things and new raw materials as well. Today, Dale’s designers are working with several weights of yarns to offer a diverse selection to the customer. The newer base-layer collection uses a one-ply skin-soft merino wool. These pieces can be worn as a base layer for sport or can be worn as a lightweight standalone item. Tops and pants for men and women are available.

The women’s base layer collection features a basic navy top and leggings, an OL History top and leggings and a Stargaze top and leggings. The pieces can be worn as base layers that coordinate with the other OL Spirit collection.

The men’s base layer collection offers the same options as the women’s base layer collection. The men’s pants, however, are designed as a sophisticated jog pant with a drawstring and pockets. And yes, women may want these pants. There are no rules.

This extensive collection of OL Spirit items is complete with the accessories from Dale of Norway. Sport socks are available with the OL Spirit and the OL History designs. There is a headband and hat of merino wool that coordinates with all the other OL Spirit knitwear. 

With this new collection for Dale of Norway, there are so many possibilities to keep comfortable and look good. It will be fun to watch the Norwegian Olympic team in 2022 to see how they are wearing all the OL Spirit gear. Go, Norway!

The new OL Spirit collection from Dale of Norway is available at The Nordic Shop in Rochester, Minn., or from their online shop at thenordicshop.net.

This article originally appeared in the Nov. 19, 2021, issue of The Norwegian American.

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