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SuperNatural Iceland

Travel writer Becca Hensley offers recommendations for a visit to Iceland and its supernatural landscapes, from waterfalls to huldurfolk.

Hallstrom House

A story both “sweet and sour”

Hallstrom House, located on Oslo Road in Vero Beach, Fla., is a mansion was built by Swedish immigrant Axel Hallstrom, now a musuem open to the public.

Rick Steves

Keep on dreamin’

When it comes to travel, Rick Steves has been one of the most respected authorities for over 30 years. Now he shares his wisdom about the coronavirus …


The Kon-Tiki Museum

Eric Stavney provides an insider’s view of Oslo’s Kon-Tiki Museum, which retells the story of the legendary explorer and adventurist Thor Heyerdahl.

The long way home …

Navigating a quickly changing reality, Eileen Notsund learns that commuting between Bergen, Los Angeles, and Seattle isn’t easy in the time of corona.

Michael Kleiner comes home to Norway

In this edition of “Michael Kleiner returns to Norway,” the Kleiners spend time in Olso, inclduing a visit to Frognerseteren overlooking the city and fjord.