Category: Research & Science

Innovating innovation

Ilan Kelman discusses a paper by Rune Fitjar from the Univ. of Stavanger on the role of cities, and collaborating across distances for business innovation.

The Norwegian dark side

M. Michael Brady reports on “dark side” of Norwegian sustainable development, where Norway’s high standard of living results in unsustainable resource use.

Northern Sea Route

From speculations to reality by 2035 Alexandra Middleton High North News The Northern Sea Route received its share of bad publicity in 2019, when it became a target of big logistics companies and brands...

Polar bear or “aqua bear”?

Jon Aars, Karen Lone, Christian Lydersen, Magnus Andersen, & Kit M. Kovacs Norwegian Polar Institute Research notes: Ursus maritimus, the polar bear’s Latin name, clearly identifies it as a marine animal, not a terrestrial...

Jacinta Clay

American on ice

Ilan Kelman profiles Fulbright scholar Jacinta Clay, who is spending a year at the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research studying ice and climate change.