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Fredsprisen overlevert i utlandet

The Nobel Peace Prize—nobels fredsprisen—was presented to David Beasley, head of the World Food Programme, in a corona-adapted ceremony in Oslo.


NRK ruller ut julemeny

NRK has rolled out its “Christmas menu” of programming, an annual “julekalender” of shows and episodes couting down to Christmas.


Norske skibakker kan stenges

Despite less risk than EU neighbors, Norweigan ski areas (skibakker) could be closed this season due to the risks of spreading coronavirus.


Økning i arbeidssøkere

After tightening COVID restrictions, including closing alcohol service, major Norwegian cities have seen an increase in unemployment filings.


Sykehus varsling

The Norwegian Nurses Organization has warned that there may be a critical shortage of intensive care nurses should a serious outbreak arise.

ute i naturen

Nordmenn går ut i naturen

A study by Statistics Norway shows that eight of 10 Norwegians participated regularly in outdoor activities like hiking in the last year.

Russland sto bak IT-angrep

Prime Minister Erna Solberg expressed outrage in light of evidence that Russia was behind recent cyberattacks on the Norwegian parliament.