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The Scream

From a “soul’s diary”

Norway’s Edvard Munch wrote a passage in his diary about a personal experience that inspired him to create his famous painting, “The Scream.”

chili pepper

Søtvier to Nightshade

M. Michael Brady discusses the evolution
of “søtvier” in Norwegian and “nightshade” in English, which end up with
identical botanical classifications.

Comics 7/23

The Norwegian American features comics by renowned Norwegian journalist Fredrik Skavlan and Lille Berlin.

How to combat svorsk

Linda Stromberg of Toronto, Canada, shares her list of valuable tips for keeping your Norwegian and Swedish straight when learning both languages at once.

The Hindenburg aloft and afire

Words about words: Aloft

Follow the journey of the word “aloft,” descending from two Old Norse adjectives through early English to the modern adverb and preposition in the 1800s.

a score of eggs

Words about words: score

Made famous in Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg address, the word “score” has its origins in an Old Norse word used for counting sheep.