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Church gets funding

Minnekirken, the Norwegian Lutheran Memorial Church, secured a grant from the Chicago Commission on Landmarks to help restore its 109-year-old building.


Travel could resume

The Norwegian Directorate of Public Health (NIPH) has suggested that Norway’s borders could safely open and foreign travel could resume in May.

usa marine

Bergen Engines selges

The U.S. Navy is assessing the risk of the sale of Bergen Engines to a Russian owner. The engines are used in NATO-member military ships.

Munch - Skrik

Munch saw himself as mad

Using new technology, Norway’s National Museum has finally solved the mystery of a hidden inscription on Edvard Munch’s “The Scream.”

military aircraft

US shows military muscle

The United States is deploying long-range B-1 bombers to Norway’s Ørland air base to train in the strategically important High North.

COVID vaccines

Vaccines bring hope

Despite recent good news about the COVID-19 vaccines, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health warns that there could be delays to vaccine deliveries.


Norway tightens its borders

Norway has closed its borders to almost all non-residents in an attempt to prevent the spread of new COVID-19 variants in the country.