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Vesterheim - Rochester

Vesterheim reconnects with Rochester

Lori Ann Reinhall On Sunday, Oct. 13, Walter and Louise Hanson of The Nordic Shop in Rochester, Minn., graciously opened up their home to introduce Rochester residents to the staff from Vesterheim, the National...

Pacific Fishermen

A sustainable slice of history

Behind Pacific Fishermen Shipyard’s retro façade is a futuristic commitment to protecting the environment Omie Drawhorn Port of Seattle A walk through the Pacific Fishermen Shipyard in Ballard is a little bit like stepping...

NY consulate

Welcome home in New York!

On June 11, the Norwegian NY Consulate had an unexpected type of party—a housewarming. Guests were greeted by the gracious Consul General Harriet Berg.

bundt cake

The art and science of the Bundt cake

Gallery exhibition explores the iconic pans Carstens Smith Ingebretsen’s Bundt cakes are everywhere—providing desserts at potlucks, getting comedic cameos in movies like My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and making noteworthy appearances on The Great...