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Norwegian saksøker Boeing

Norwegian Air Shuttle is suing Boeing for breach of contract due to its mishandling of the 737-MAX and 787 Dreamliner deliveries.

Mange vil bli norsk statsborger

With the reintroduction of dual citizenship (statsborgerskap) in Norway and the advent of coronavirus, applicants can expect long wait times.

Gjellestadskipet graves fram

The Gjellestad viking ship near Halden is the first to be excavated in Norway in 100 years, though the delicate process could take months.

Roseslottet åpnet i Oslo

Roseslottet, or Rose Castle, has opened at Olso’s Frognerseteren, commemorating the five years of resistance against Nazi occupation during WWII.

Sjølaks i stor fare

The Norwegian Environment Agency is considering a 5-year “fiskeforbud,” or ban on fishing sea salmon due to environmental threats to stocks.


Forsinket Deichman-åpning

After a three-month delay due to the coronavirus, Oslo’s main branch of the Deichman Public Library opened, with some celebrity fanfare.

Ny plan skal få folk i aktivitet

These days, Norwegians are sitting far too much, and the minister of health intends to do something about it with a new plan to get them moving (på norsk).

George Floyd

Norge minnes George Floyd

Thousands of protesters gathered in Oslo and other cities in solidarity with Black Lives Matter after the murder of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis.

Equinor gir stort tap i USA

Equionor has reported losses of $20 billion (NOK 200 billion) in investments in the United States since 2014, when oil prices were far higher (på norsk).