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Equinor gir stort tap i USA

Equionor has reported losses of $20 billion (NOK 200 billion) in investments in the United States since 2014, when oil prices were far higher (på norsk).

Triage - Norsk Språk


In both Norwegian and English, triage is a loanword from French, in which it comes from the verb trier, meaning to separate, select, or sort. Learn more …

Anne-Elisabeth Hagen

Mangemillionær mistenkt

One of Norway’s wealthiest men, Tom Hagen, had been charged for involvement of the murder of his wife, Anne-Elisabeth Hagen (på norsk).

Norsk helseteam til Italia

A team of Norwegian nurses and doctors was sent to Italy to assists efforts to control the coronavirus in the hard-hit region of Lombardy (på norsk).

Skolekorps slår alarm

With losses from cancellations of major events, 17 Olso school band brigades are applying for emergency funding (på norsk).

Koronatiltakene koster milliarder

An expert panel estimated that the costs of the coronavirus measures to the Norwegian economy will be in the billions of kroner across sectors (på norsk).