Category: Norwegian Heritage

A Viking Age set of leg shackles

Of war and woe

Terje Birkedal examines the institution of Viking Age slavery and explores its wider context in the history of the Vikings and the history of slavery.

A musk ox stands on the Dovre rail line

The Dovre Line

The Dovre Line is the 344-mile-long line of the Norwegian railway network between Oslo and Trondheim that is prominent in Norwegian national awareness.

a man in a Tune Viking shirt by a Viking era ship

A new Tune Viking ship

A new reconstruction project from TUNE VIKING aims to bring Norwegian youth together to build a replica of the famous 1,200-year-old Tune Viking ship.

members of the Winter Band stand outside a log cabin

All in the family

Perfoming at heritage events around the Pacific Northwest, the Winter Band spreads the joy of traditional Scandinavian music while preserving older songs.

A matter of time

Becky and Mike Lusk celebrate and preserve traditional Scandinavian woodworking styles and techniques thorugh their business, Lusk Scandia Works.


Painting Bryggen

Painters across the country had the chance to paint Bergen’s famous Bryggen at an online painting workshop at Norway House, led by artist Jana Peterson.


The parade must go on

Rather than cancel last year’s 17th of May, the community of Lydvo put on their own miniature version of it. This year, they’ve opted for the same solution.