Category: Taste of Norway

Jonathan Sushi

Eating Norwegian

Nate Axvig offers tips and recommendations for Oslo’s lesser known culinary tradition of sushi, which is more widely available than many believe.


Raise a glass to kveik

Taste of Norway editor Christy Olsen Field talks kveik, the very special brewer’s yeast strain from Norway’s ages-long brewing tradition.

For the love of rhubarb

Taste of Norway editor Christy Olsen Field has just the thing for your rhubarb harvest this year: a Norwegian-style rhubarb soup and a crisp for dessert.

Food on the table

Christy Olsen Field talks with Ina Johnsen, the award-winning voice of the food blog Mat på bordet, translated as “Food on the Table.”

Ethereal Meads

Drink of the gods

Gary and Shirley Gross, the owners of Ethereal Meads in Battle Ground, Wash., have revived the ancient—and delicious—tradition of mead, the drink of the gods.