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A Golden Opportunity

A Golden Opportunity

fiction by Glynis Scrivens “What a weird day it’s been.” Thea gazed outside at the fallen branches and debris on the lawn, the only visible sign of the violent storm of an hour ago....

Norwegian American Troll

The Norwegian American Troll

Dennis Maulsby creates original fiction for the 2019 Summer Reading issue of The Norwegian American with his short story The Norwegian American Troll.

Pete's Baby

Pete’s Baby

fiction by M.E. Purfield Gussie Dietz drove Pete Carr’s “baby” white Firebird up New Jersey Parkway on their way to Montclair, on the promise she would take good care of it. The young FBI...

Rolling Lucky

Fiction by Peter DiChellis Detective Budd Aasen confronted his suspect, an ex-con named Duke Tibson, as Tibson slurped a glass of cheap vodka at a rickety table in a run-down bar in North Minneapolis....

Her Husband’s Secret

Australian writer Glynis Scrivens crafts original crime fiction for The Norwegain American with her short story Her Husband’s Secret.

Ellen Denton

Wolf in Wolf’s Clothing

fiction by Ellen Denton It was a beautiful spring day when I finally left the dreary confinement of Folsom State Prison after doing a dime there for robbing a deli and hitting the elderly...

The President of Sterling City Bank

fiction by Darin Z. Krogh The President of Sterling City Bank, Mr. Virgil Edwin Penrose, was out cold. His head flopped to one side as he sat slumped in the chair. Masculine voices brought...

Eat up, Camilla

Eat up, Camilla

fiction by Glynis Scrivens “It’s too late to put in an application for the job, Nora. Last Friday was the deadline,” Camilla said, flicking her newly blonded hair out of her eyes.  “But I...

Matisse of the Action

Lee Hammerschmidt creates original fiction for The Norwegian American with “Matisse of the Action,” with forged Matisse illustrations by Andrew Penn Romine.


fiction by Lindy Greaves The room is dimly lit. One bare bulb sways slightly in an invisible draft. Opposite the locked door, snow swoops silently into the glass from a black void. Paint peels...