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Family History

In her short story “Family History,” Valerie Hunter shares the thoughts of Anneliese, who explores her family’s geneaology.

Clean and Godly in Denmark: Part 2

fiction by Diana Deverell I wasn’t designed to murder humans. Still, I’ve killed two via a skull fracture and a heart attack. But whoever programmed me to do that knew a fatal outcome couldn’t...

Clean and Godly Diana Deverell

Clean and Godly in Denmark

With Clean and Godly in Denmark, Diana Deverell presents a different—and somewhat disturbing— look at eldercare in the welfare state.

A child’s Christmas story

Larrie Wanberg offers a semi-fictional Christmas story about a young girl in Decorah, Iowa, who learns to be proud of and thoughtful about her heritage.

Erlend’s Entanglement

Erlends Entanglement is original fiction written for The Norwegian American 2019 Christmas edition by Jennifer Willis. The story unfolds on Christmas Eve…

Sebastián & Greta

fiction by Jeff H. Sebastián didn’t exactly fit the stereotype of a Latin lover—dark eyes, yes, but he was not tall in comparison to his American classmates, and en general his looks were more boyish...


Ten Minutes to Kill

fiction by Glynis Scrivens I was woken by his phone ringing. Who’d be calling at this hour? Automatically, I rolled over. This wasn’t for me; I could go on sleeping. That’s what Saturday mornings are...

A Perfect Crime

Stephen Hosking It isn’t easy, committing murder without being caught. There are really two major issues, ruminated George Carver, as he gazed out across his sunlit suburban garden. The first: committing the act. Human...