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Tacoma Glass

Tacoma’s glass act

Editor-in-chief Lori Ann Reinhall reports
on Tacoma, Wash., which features the Museum of Glass, the Hotel Murano, and
the Tacoma Art Museum.


The wonder in capturing light

Victoria Hofmo interviews Jim Schantz, owner of Schantz Galleries in Stockbridge, Mass., about the Scandinavian glass artists on display there.

The Arctic Cathedral

Astounding with colored light

Victoria Hofmo tells of stained-glass
windows that tell stories of Norway, in cathedrals throughout the country and
in a town hall in Scotland.

Karen Bit Vejle

Magic in its wake

Victoria Hofmo reports on the papercutting exhibit “Paper Dialogues: The Dragon and Our Stories” by Karen Bit Vejle and Xiaoguang Qiao.