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Innovative learning

Lori Ann Reinhall learns more about The Ridge Creative Center, directed and founded by Victoria Hofmo, one of our contributing authors.

Luther College

A student’s perspective

Kell Knutsen shares his experiences at Luther College’s Nordic Studies program, highlighting its historical ties and forward-looking global thinking.

The end of an era

As PLU prepares to phase out its Nordic Studies program, Dr. Troy Storfjell shares about the future of the study of Norway and the Nordic region.

a fishing boat sailing in a fjord with mountains in the background

A World War II thriller

Rigmor Swenson tells the little-known story of the risky rescue of Norway’s national gold from Norway to Canada during the Nazi invasion in April 1940.

Movie poster for Passage to Sweden with a boat with a Swedish flag and two men

Passage to Sweden

A new documentary from Suzannah Warlick tells the story of the European Jews that escaped to freedom through Sweden during World War II.