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The poetry of Seabling

Victoria Hofmo profiles Seabling, a Norwegian jewelry design team that creates jewelry out of debris harvested from the sea.

Christian Radich

Tall ship tales

Lori Ann Reinhall introduces the tall ship Christian Radich, which was featured in the 1958 film, Windjammer, the only film produced in Cinemiracle format.


Raise a glass to kveik

Taste of Norway editor Christy Olsen Field talks kveik, the very special brewer’s yeast strain from Norway’s ages-long brewing tradition.

Ingrid Slungaard Myklebust - Sailing

Around the world, home, and back

Ingrid Slungaard Myklebust and her family completed a remarkable circumnavigation of the globe in the Norwegian sailboat Vilja, ending in her New Jersey hometown.

For the love of rhubarb

Taste of Norway editor Christy Olsen Field has just the thing for your rhubarb harvest this year: a Norwegian-style rhubarb soup and a crisp for dessert.

Peer Gynt

Elling Reitan’s Peer Gynt

In Norway, Elling Reitan is known as the “painter of colors.” He has taken up a variety of motifs in his work, including Ibsen’s Peer Gynt.

Tom Maakestad

Back to his roots

Tom Maakestad is a Minnesota artist, who finds inspiration in the beauty of the nature that surrounds him in his home state.


SuperNatural Iceland

Travel writer Becca Hensley offers recommendations for a visit to Iceland and its supernatural landscapes, from waterfalls to huldurfolk.