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Nordic wine in English wineskins

William Halverson announces a first-of-its-kind collection of Edvard Grieg songs in English, with notes on the challenge of translation.

Christmas trees

Getting ready for Christmas

Each year in Voss, Anne Jorunn Nestås Tøn invites the public to cut down her forest for Christmas trees, helping create the Christmas spirit.

Rachel Peterson

Dugnad and winter

Minnesotan Rachel Peterson who lived nine years in Arctic Norway, shares how the spirit of dugnad can help us get through the coming winter.

Fløibanen, then and now

Fløibanen, Bergen’s iconic funicular bringing tourists and locals to the top of Mount Fløyen, has a fascinating history, complete with goats.

A walk down memory lane

Jim Nelson recalls his numerous trips to Norway’s second city, Bergen, as a traveler, teacher, and guide, noting how the city has evolved.