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A Coat Dyed Black

Don Pugnetti Jr., retired Washington journalist, releases his book A Coat Dyed Black, a novel about the Norwegian resistance during World War II.

Anders Morley

This Land of Snow

Business and Sports Editor Michael Kleiner reviews the book This Land of Snow: A Journey Across the North in Winter by American Anders Morley.

Minnesota Trilogy

The Minnesota Trilogy

Jerry Holt reviews The Minnesota Trilogy, which includes The Land of Dreams, Only the Dead, and The Ravens, by Norwegian author Vidar Sundstøl.

Men of Terror

Terje Birkedal reviews the book Men of Terror: A Comprehensive Analysis of Viking Combat that covers the variety of war methods and weapons used.

Vidar Ruud

The Pastor by Hanne Ørstavik

Christine Foster Meloni reviews Hanne Ørstavik’s book, Presten, which has been translated into English 17 years after it was published in Norway.

crime corner

Crime Corner: A good romjul read

Crime Corner’s Jerry Holt recommends The
Spy Who Came in from the Cold and A Most Wanted Man, films based on books,
for your holiday viewing fun.

Lori Erickson

A pilgrimage home

Laila Simon reports on Lori Erickson’s book, The Soul of the Family Tree, which took her on a genealogical journey to discover her roots.

Vikings at War

Vikings at War

Terje Birkedal reviews the book Vikings
at War, which focuses on Vikings as warriors who fought and learned from many peoples of the world.